Sushi in Brooklyn, Ichi

What determines whether a dish is good or not. Is it because it looks appetizing and is picture worthy? Or is it because it’s delicious? How about the combination of both. We have learned from several chefs that to create a great dish, you need to merge art into food. Real chefs consider cooking, an art.

This is why many people love sushi. It is mostly a piece of art, how all the ingredients in rolled up between rice and seaweed. It still tastes great even though the majority of these rolls are raw fish. It tastes great because of the combination of ingredients that creates a blend of flavors with each bite. That is what we as chefs should go for.

Speaking of sushi, I have my personal favorite in Brooklyn. That sushi restaurant is Ichi. They offer a variety of rolls that taste authentic. Here in New York, it is hard to come across sushi restaurants that will taste great. Most of these restaurants are not operated by Japanese chefs, and include many rolls such as the California roll that doesn’t normally exist in a sushi menu.

However, as close as Ichi comes, they still cannot compare with authentic sushi. I do like this restaurant because of their wide selection, and low prices. They are still one of very few sushi restaurants that offer sashimi for $1 a piece. Even sushi buffets that charge a premium do not allow you to have unlimited sashimi. The portions are big here too, and quite filling. Even if you’re a heavy eater, 3-4 rolls can get you bloated!

I have seen many sushi restaurants all over the city that charges up to $3 per piece of sashimi on average. The prices can go up to as high as $10 a piece! The rolls here average $3 per basic rolls and a little more expensive for the special ones. I personally prefer the basic ones, as the fancy ones include too many ingredients that messes with the flavor.

Ichi Sushi & Sashimi in Brooklyn