Best Sandwich Shop NYC

There are a number of places where you can get a sandwich in New York City, that includes any restaurant ranging fro delis to Subways. However, not many restaurants could live up to the title of best sandwich shop in NYC. Chopping Block, located in the heart of the Financial District is one of such restaurants that we think deserves the title of being the best sandwich shop in NYC and is can even be considered among one of the best restaurants in NYC.

Chopping Block first opened it’s doors to the public, with a great dine-in scene, catering accounts, and through They offer a variety of unique sandwiches that I guarantee you will not find anywhere else in NYC. My personal favorite is the Fuego Spicy Chicken sandwich — I mean, they even have cool names! they use only the freshest and top quality ingredients and all sandwiches are made fresh. Not only do you get a quality sandwich, but they also offer a top notch coffee program which is comparable to big players including Blue Bottle Coffee and Gorilla Coffee. The beans are fresh, the equipment is top of the line, and the baristas are amazing at what they do.

We first discovered Chopping Block when searching for a restaurant in FiDi. We noticed that most restaurants in the area were either typical, chain restaurants, or franchise names. There was nothing unique, new, fresh, and hip. Chopping Block delivered something completely different to the area.

If you are ever in the Financial District, make sure to stop by Chopping Block, located on 41 John St.

Chopping block gets 5 stars from us.

chopping block sandwich

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